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“Ikenai Taiyou”
by Orange Range
Hana Kimi

This drama is mostly a comedy so it makes sense for there to not be too many ballads on the soundtrack. Instead, it consists of more upbeat tracks like this one.

"Orange Range" is a fun song that makes you want to sing along with the na-na’s. It will get stuck in your head, but it’s such a great song that you’ll be okay with it. Its upbeat rock feel is the perfect opening theme for a show as funny as Hana Kimi.

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I’m feeling impulsive and I want to treat myself to the Sandman Box Set. Oh my gourd, should I???

Anonymous asked what advice do you have for artists who are feeling creatively stagnant/uninspired?


I think when you can’t work, you have to force yrself to work. Like, maybe take a little break for a few days but don’t sit around waiting for some great / revolutionary idea to hit you. I’m a firm believer that inspiration comes while you work, not while you wait. So make a lot of shitty work, make a lot of boring work, all that matters is that you’re making a lot. It about the process and the act, not so much the outcome. Think of the end product as something secondary, your process and struggling and trialling and failing are what improve yr art. 

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I liked today’s makeup. Double wing-liners all the way~

I liked today’s makeup. Double wing-liners all the way~

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A four-hour exposure photograph of the 1998 Leonids meteor shower taken at the Modra Observatory in Slovakia.
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